Road to Sochi



Arman traveled to locations all across the globe starting in May 2013. Training with world-class coaches and alongside other elite ski racers ensured his preparation for competitions taking place in the Southern & Northern Hemispheres.

June 5-16 2013 [Mt. Hood, OR, USA]: Early on-snow training & equipment testing

July 5-10 2013 [Mt. Hood, OR, USA]: Off-snow dryland training

July 16 – September 5 2013 [New Zealand]: On-snow training & competition

October 2013 [Europe]: On-snow training

Late October 2013 – November 2013 [USA]: Early season on-snow training

Late November 2013: Winter competition season begins

January 20, 2014: Sochi Olympic qualification deadline

February 7 – 23, 2014: XXII Sochi Winter Olympic Games



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The sport of ski racing is very costly. World-class equipment, coaching, and training, along with lift tickets, travel expenses, lodging, ski tuning supplies, and competition entry fees add up for every Olympic level alpine ski racer. Unfortunately, the Armenia Ski Federation had limited funding, and although they have demonstrated their full support, were unable to financially assist Arman. A brief list of expected costs:


1. Lodging: $15,000

2. Lift Tickets: $5,000

3. Transportation: $13,000

4. Equipment: $5,000

5. Training & race costs/fees: $10,000

6. Coaching: $30,000

7. Food & other costs: $15,000